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KDH welcomes Martin Greytak

Martin Greytak KDH Consutling IT ConsultantWe’re so pleased that Martin Greytak has joined the KDH team. While he is officially an IT consultant, he prefers the title King of the Bongo. You’ll recognize him by his bright colors and his confidence and expertise around computer systems. A self-described nerd, Martin is a lifelong lover of gadgets. “I was the kid who took all his toys apart to see how they worked. As I approached my teen years I started being able to put them back together as well. Now I put this curiosity to work on other people’s toys.”

Martin had this to say about his new co-workers: “I work with a diverse and personable group of gifted technologists, and can easily say that they’re all an absolute joy to be around.” We think he’s pretty great, too.