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KDH Consulting welcomes Jesse Grier

KDH Welcomes Jesse Grier It has long been our contention that curious minds are a prerequisite for the job of IT consultant. Our newest team member, Jesse Grier, has curiosity in spades, as evidenced by his renaissance-man resume. (Sushi chef plus private pilot PLUS computer builder?). “I always liked learning about how things worked, and I was fortunate to get a part-time job at a tech shop during college,” Jesse recalled. “Instead of just being treated as basic helpdesk staff, they took the time to teach me.” That “teach a man to fish” spirit made an impression on Jesse. “If a friend ever has any sort of issue, I am quick to not only offer help but to teach them how to do it themselves. Need help sanding your floor, building a computer or running a sewer line? I’m your guy!” (He may or may not live to regret those words, depending on how many of his coworkers hit him up for weekend projects.) Welcome to the great Northwest, Jesse.