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KDH welcomes David Smith

David Smith KDH IT Support ConsultantWe are happy to welcome David Smith to the KDH team! David was a one man show at the helm of HelpNet Company and was looking for a company to merge with and grow the business together. A chance conversation with a vendor ignited the spark and KDH and HelpNet merged in November. Now David provides software and hardware solutions and support for a number of KDH’s small- and medium-sized business clients. “I look forward to the variety of challenges that I experience on a day-to-day basis, and enjoy the opportunity to solve real technology and business problems.”

David’s first job in IT was at Software City (remember them?) in 1984. He helped start up US MicroNet in the mid ’80s and has been an IT consultant since 1988. Those were the days “Back before the Internet was used widely by small businesses for connectivity, one of my clients needed to connect multiple remote offices together using WAN technology and an early version of the Novell network operating system. We were able to pull the pieces together and meet the client’s deadline.”