We specialize in delivering a frustration-free IT experience. It’s why many of our client relationships span a decade or more.

how we work

From planning to troubleshooting, count on KDH.

Clients come to us to get strategic technology recommendations, to install and upgrade systems, to fix a critical issue that has brought the organization to a standstill, and everything between. Cookie-cutter solutions are not our thing.

We're here when you need us. And when you really, really need us.

We will respond to emergency texts within 15 minutes and address all other  issues within four hours.

Even when we're not there, we're there.

Our remote support tools allow us to troubleshoot from afar. It's a cost-effective and highly efficient way to diagnose and solve issues.

Experienced help from the get-go.

The way we see it, you called with an issue and you need it solved NOW. There are no junior techs at KDH. On average our techs have 18 years of experience plus, so odds are we're going to be able to fix the problem the first time around.

More than one expert on every account.

While all of our clients have a primary contact, at least two (and likely more) of us know the ins and outs of each of our clients' IT environments. The result: consistency of service, no runaround and people who truly know your business.

It's hard to stump us.

Let's face it, technology doesn’t exactly stand still. But then, neither do we. We stay on top of new and emerging technologies in order to help our clients understand the potential benefits to their business.

We speak human. (And a tiny bit
of Klingon.)

Our engineers are people first, technicians second. We can relate to our clients, and it's partly why we are often able to solve IT issues that have been nagging them for months or years.